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Former insider’s guide to visiting Las Vegas

Updated: Feb 3

1. Take Uber from the McCarran Airport to Chinatown. Get yourself a 60-minute massage for $35+ or 90-minute massage for $52+ but tip well. These studios are legit and opened late.

2. After the massage, eat sushi in Chinatown. Amina and I eat late night Omakase at RAKU where sushi is flown in from Japan daily.

BONUS TIP: My girlfriend, Alexis, swears by oxygen bars. Go to the malls and hit them up before and after flights!

3. Stay at a mixed-use residence like the MGM Signature. This is a two-bedroom suite Amina and I stayed at on the Las Vegas Strip for $350/night. It overlooked the MGM Grand and Top Golf. I would not rent a car in Las Vegas unless I was exploring outside City limits. For the Strip or most of Las Vegas, I would use Uber.

This room had a spacious living room, two separate living quarters, a kitchen, a balcony, bar space, and a huge spa bath tub. A similar penthouse suite on the Strip would be at least $800/night+ at a 4-star/4-diamond property.

4. Do the Vegas thing! Eat at buffets. Drink by the pool or on the Strip. If you get too drunk, there are wheelchairs available to cart you to your room lol! For clubs: find a promoter friend. Usually, they will find you if you make yourself visible throughout the day on the Strip. Instagram also works. When in doubt, go to the concierage desk. The professional concierage teams can get you anything, anywhere, at anytime... for the right price & tips!

5. Leave Las Vegas. There are so many great places nearby. If you go to Hoover Dam, then you might as well stop by Lake Meade.

I have walked the bridge and enjoyed the experience. I did not pay for the tour.

6. Support the veterans. Shoot crazy things at Battlefield Vegas (https://www.battlefieldvegas.com). For $400+ elsewhere, you can shoot a mini-gun from the side of a helicopter.

Yes, they will pick you up in a military tank then cruise down the Las Vegas Strip.

A sample of toys I’ve shot. The entire room stops when I pick up a big one. There’s something novel about a little 5’ 2” Asian girl shooting one of these things, I guess! :)

7. Best experience ever: Sky Combat Ace (https://www.skycombatace.com)

Even commercial pilots are in awe of this flight experience. I have never experienced any sensation like it. This was heaven on Earth.

I used a coupon from TripAdvisor.com and the total cost was approximately $500. I paid for the upgraded video package which was optional. Please tip well!

My air name is always Daisy.

8. Go to a dispensary. They’re the buildings that are lit in green lights. Las Vegas is awesome!

9. Take a picture from the Las Vegas sign. Ask for help. If you tip, the photographer girl will take cell phone pictures for you:

Before (above). After (below).

10. Hang out with a hot girl. Go to the SkyBar at the Waldorf Astoria. Converse and take a #selfie with Pepper, the robot butler:

Have fun! Las Vegas is great because there is a lid for every pot. Be weird and you will find your own scene. But please remember: whatever happens in Las Vegas, lives in your head rent-free for life. So live it up!!!🔥

Please help me out... what did I miss?




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