6 Piece Travel Organizer

6 Piece Travel Organizer

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Multiple pockets to mix & match and grab & go. Di absolutely has a bug out bag. Every girl needs a plan B (through D) and an exit strategy!

Our 6 Piece Travel Organizer Bags can perfectly fit in a 20" luggage providing up to 30% more space in your suitcase or carry on. This is the perfect gift for business or weekend travel expert. The travel kit comes with multiple size bags to organize and separate your items so you can pack your luggage the way you like.

3 Different size clothes storage bags , 1 underwear bag , 1 shoes bag , 1 toiletry bag 

Size Information

  • Large Net Bag: 14.57x10.63x4.72"
  • Medium Net Bag: 12.20x8.66x4.72"
  • Small Net Bag: 7.87x5.91x4.72"
  • Large Bag: 13.39x9.45"
  • Medium Bag: 10.63x7.48"
  • Small Bag: 6.69x5.12"


  • 6 Piece Mix Set
  • Ultralight Packing Cubes
  • Waterproof Oxford Fabric Material
  • 8 Color Options
  • Non-peak logistical information

    PROCESSING TIME 1-2 business days

    ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME 1 - 2 business days